L.S.U. Clear Number 1, OSU clear number 2. Where is Everyone Else?

Written by JohnnyB

1. L.S.U.: Another big win for the tigers vs a good top 25 team. Winning games vs rivals no matter how close the score maybe is huge. Best wins in the country: Florida, Auburn, Texas.

2. Ohio State: Yet again continues to show they are the class in the Big10 by blowing out a good Wisconsin team. I don’t see them not covering a game until the playoff, yet alone losing.

3. Penn State: Could have been a trap game vs Michigan State. They didn’t have a let down and went into East Lansing and showed they were the better team.

4. Alabama: Still undefeated, they have the bye week then L.S.U. Will Tua be back? If not they have no chance, if he plays and Bama wins they are for real.

5. Clemson: Undefeated and their name. Still haven’t impressed me at all. Still haven’t played a real team.

6. Baylor: Undefeated, number 1 in the Big 12. All the big names left but they control their own destiny. If they win out they are in the playoff.

7. Minnesota: Cinderella is still at the ball. Yes still haven’t played a great team but have quality wins. This week will prove it’s they are a pretender or contender. If they win this week they are in the driver seat to the Big 10 championship hh game.

8. Florida: Great defense, good offense and the class of the SEC East division. They beat Georgia then they represent the East in the SEC championship game.

9. Georgia: Are they good? Notre Dame getting blown out doesn’t look great for them. If they beat Florida in the Worlds Largest Cocktail Party then yes they are for real.

10. Minnesota: Undefeated and controls I’m their own destiny in the Big-10. Can PJ Fleck and the Gophers shock the world? It starts this week with a home game vs Penn State.

11. Oregon: Are in the drivers seat to win the PAC-12 if they win out they could have a shot at the playoff if teams start knocking each other off.

12. S.M.U.: The best non power 5 team in the country and maybe the best team in Texas. If they run the table they will be partying in a New Years six game.

13. Auburn: They have had 2 close losses vs top ten teams. They could play spoiler, their problem is they can’t close vs the better teams. If they put together 4 quarters they will knock off a good team looking for a playoff game.

14. Utah: Looks like the 2nd best team in the PAC-12. They can win out and play Oregon in the PAC-12 championship game. I don’t know if they can make a playoff run but definitely a Rose Bowl game.

15. App State: Undefeated and has a win over an ACC team. Could they play in a New Years Six? I guess we will have to see how November goes.

16. Cincinnati: Only have the loss to Ohio State. They have looked explosive of offense since that game. A scary team to play right now.

17. Wisconsin: Spiraling downward after a 2 game losing streak. Still a good team but they need to learn how to throw the ball down the field more to open the run up more.

18. Memphis: Has the one close loss to a good Temple school, but have looked dominate the rest of their games. They could make a big statement with win over S.M.U. this Saturday night.

19. Michigan: Huge bounce back win for the program vs rival Notre Dame. They needs that to turn the season around. Maybe they can take the Buckeyes down now that they have their swag back.

20. Kansas State: Huge win over Oklahoma and they have been consistent all year. Losing to Baylor and Ok St aren’t terrible losses and if they win out they could have a shot at a good bowl game.

21. U.C.F.: Both losses were to good teams. They are still very explosive on offense and would scare any defense in the country.

22. Iowa: They are a good team who beats the teams they are suppose to and keep it close vs the teams they aren’t. They don’t have a great win or a bad loss. Just kind of a good team not scary not bad.

23. Wake Forrest: Only have one loss in a power 5 conference. They win out and beat Clemson they will be playing for the ACC Championship. So hey you never know.

24. Notre Dame : Embarrassing loss and not a great win. They beat the teams they should buy can never win a big game vs a great team.

25. Boise State: Only here because they have one loss. They are a decent team who hasn’t played anyone and lost to BYU.

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