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Kyrie Says He Would Retire If The Nets Ever Traded Him, So Brooklyn Put Em On The Market

What news to make my day just a bit better, Kyrie Irving’s agent say Kyrie would retire if traded from Brooklyn. Now I accidentally washed my fucking cellphone and broke it and was away from all the news like this so I don’t know if there are trade rumors buzzin but from the looks there aren’t. There are plenty of great trade packages that could come and be made for Kyrie though and the Nets would be idiotic to not take any looks at trades for him. I get it I’m a Boston fan so there’s bias for me wanting to see him out of the NBA, I mean he came to Boston to play like shit and lie to the fans. I don’t think many people would be hurt by a Kyrie Irving retirement I mean he can easily be replaced.

I post that tweet to actually help encourage a Kyrie retirement, while I hate Kyrie basketball wise, he’s a great person outside of the game. I mean he’s done so much good and speaks out on good causes and wants to help the world be a better place. He acts on what he says too which most people like Lebron wont but there’s no denying he’s an actual good person. But fuck if you ask Boston fans he’s a shitty person in the NBA. Also he’s threatening the Nets here and he’s basically making a no trade clause in this. If they try to trade him he will threaten to retire and cause the other team to pull out or cause teams to not even listen to offers. He’s a selfish NBA player but a helpful person in the real world so for the better let’s all hope he retires and takes on world issues and stops causing basketball drama.

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