Kyrie Irving Returns To The Mavs On A 3-Year Deal – A Quick Look At His Past Troubles Before Landing A Home In Dallas

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The drama is over – Kyrie is re-signing with the Dallas Mavericks and will continue his time in Texas. A player of Irving’s caliber should have warranted an enormous buzz this offseason but due to his past actions, he developed a somewhat tainted reputation around the league.

Kyrie Irving has had his fair share of off-court issues with his former teams. One notable incident occurred during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2017, Irving requested a trade from the Cavaliers, expressing his desire to be the focal point of a team. This request surprised many, as he was playing alongside LeBron James, one of the greatest players in NBA history. The situation caused tension within the team and led to speculations about Irving’s commitment to winning and his relationship with James.

Another off-court issue arose during Irving’s tenure with the Boston Celtics. In the 2018-2019 season, there were reports of locker room discord and a lack of team chemistry. Rumors suggested that Irving’s leadership style clashed with some of his teammates, creating a divided atmosphere within the organization. The Celtics, who had high expectations going into the season, fell short of their goals and were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs. Irving’s off-court issues were cited as contributing factors to the team’s underperformance.

Most recently, while playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Irving encountered more off-court problems. During the 2020-2021 season, he took multiple unexcused absences from games without providing a clear explanation. These absences were attributed to personal reasons and were accompanied by controversies related to his refusal to comply with the NBA’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

But by the looks of it, the Mavericks have been playing their cards in a responsible way when it comes to Kyrie. For starters, it was revealed that Luka Doncic, the team’s franchise player and superstar, has been recruiting Irving to stay in Dallas all along.

Dallas also welcomed former Maverick Seth Curry in Dallas via free agency signing. This will be Seth Curry’s third stint with the franchise. The Mavericks value his shooting and veteran presence but he had trouble staying healthy for the past couple of seasons.
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