Kyrie Irving Is So Out Of Touch Its Painful “We Are Uniting The World With This Run. Stick With Us, Baby.”

Written by schultzyca

Everyone favorite American philanthropist Kyrie Irving is back at it with yet again a great take. I don’t want to go Lauren Ingram in this rant but it needs to be said “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU UNITING WITH THIS PLAYOFF RUN KYRIE YOU PLAY BASKETBALL.” Not too mention everyone hates the Brooklyn Nets. If the Brooklyn Nets win the NBA Championship does systemic racism stop, will War and hate stop and will people finally unite as one?

I know Kyrie gets a lot of hate because he says a lot of dumb stuff, lets not forget that Kyrie claimed last year that the NBA is a racist organization and the players need to ban together and make a new league and people kicked him out of a group chat and laughed at him? Listen I know Kyrie also does a lot of good donating millions of dollars and trying to make a positive impact and using his platform for good and I really respect that.

But sometimes it is good to just stop talking and lay low. I just would love to know what he means by “uniting the world” who is he uniting? He is on his own flat earth it is painful sometimes. If CTE effects basketball players he certainly has it.

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