Kyrie Irving is Back with the Boys

Written by Noah Gagnon

What a day man, what a day. Everyone and their mother wrote Kyrie off, and here he is back practicing with Brooklyn. Kyrie had his first practice with the Nets in three months today, and he seems thrilled to be back on the court. For now he’ll only be playing in away games, but I have a feeling that’s gonna change soon.

In his press availability, Kai mentioned that he’s been running pickup in middle school and high school gyms during his hiatus. Isn’t that awesome? Imagine you’re some eighth-grader grinding to crack the JV rotation and you gotta prepare by guarding the best ball handler of his generation. I’d set the over-under on the number of adolescent ankles Kyrie’s taken in the last 3 months at about 999.5.

I know he’s only slated to play away games now, but I gotta a feeling that won’t last very long. The dude just loves to hoop, and everyone out there loves to watch him hoop. He’s either gonna suck it up and get the jab or whoever the big wigs in NYC are will just say “screw it” and let him play at the Clays.

He’s already allowed to practice in Brooklyn because it’s technically his office, so why can’t the arena just be considered an office too? It is, after all, where he plays the freaking games. Or they should just make an exception where if you’re one of the 9 players in NBA history to have a 50/40/90 season you actually don’t need the vax.

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