Kyrie Irving Had Another Heated Exchange With A Heckler

Kyrie Irving was seen having a heated exchange with a fan in their game against the Sixers today. It seems to be a recurring issue with Irving as he also had a fan ejected from the game a couple of games ago.

Irving, who was traded to the Mavs in a blockbuster deal by this year’s trade deadline, has been consistently on the news ever since he forced himself out of Cleveland years ago. 

He angered Celtics fans with his antics on the court, ultimately leaving the famed franchise on bad terms. Irving also infamously refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine when he played for the Brooklyn Nets, thus missing most of the season due to New York’s mandatory vaccine mandate for employees working in the city.

But off the court, Kyrie has been active as he has donated to multiple people and different causes. He is making a difference in the lives of thousands while trying to stay anonymous in his charity works.

In his time with Dallas, his teammates praised his work ethic, basketball knowledge, and leadership on the court. But everywhere he goes, hecklers are constantly harassing Kyrie. 

Just like the other day, Washington Wizards franchise player Bradley Beal was involved in a verbal spat with a heckler when he was walking towards his team’s locker room in a game in Orlando. 

We understand that emotions may run high during games and exchange of words may be inevitable, but fans should take into account that players are also humans. 

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