Kyrie Fined $25k for absolutely no reason

Written by Noah Gagnon

The National Basketball Association vs Kyrie Irving saga continued today, as they hit the man with one of the most unreasonable $25,000 fines I’ve ever seen. It was for “cursing at a fan,” but like he really didn’t. Take a look.

First off, he really didn’t curse AT this guy. Yes, he used the term ‘motherfucker’ in his sentence, but I really don’t think that constitutes cursing at the fan. I know I’m digging pretty deep into the nuance, but saying “y’all motherfuckers are ungrateful” is way less aggressive than saying “you’re an ungrateful motherfucker.” Motherfucker was just in the general zeitgeist of the sentence, it wasn’t the punchline.

Put it this way, imagine he said, “basketball is so motherfucking fun.” That’s not a fine-worthy sentence. Now, if he looked at the fan and said “shut up you fat, worthless piece of Cleveland motherfucking trash,” that would be worthy of a fine. But in this instance, the mf bomb was quite playful if you ask me. Just a real instance of guys being fellas.

A perfect example of this, KD got fined for the same exact thing this year. Look at the video, he tells a Hawks fan “shut yo ass up mothafucka.” That one’s probably fineable. But what Kai said? Way more innocent. The NBA will not stop railroading this guy.

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