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Kyler Murray Commits to The NFL Over MLB

Written by Blake Steele

Kyler Murray has been a two-sport athlete ever since growing up. Now that he has grown older he has some big choices to make after leaving Oklahoma, he has to choose the NFL or the MLB. He has been drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the first round in the MLB Draft, but recently he has grown a lot of interest to take his talents to the NFL.

After posting that he is fully committed to becoming an NFL Quarterback, everyone has been in shock. Experts have said that he will go as high as top ten in the draft to as low the third round. He over course has shown that he is a winner and can run a offense at a high rate. I’m sure teams are defiantly going to take a chance on him and find a spot for him. A lot of people doubt him based off his size and lack of time spent on football.

The Oakland Athletics still have hope that Murray will suit up for their team, and of course everyone knows that he can change his mind at anytime. In my opinion I believe that the NFL is the best route for him regarding he has a good shot of getting drafted high and having a longer career and chance to have success. Time will tell on Murray, but I do think he is a top tier quarterback in the upcoming draft, but teams will have red flags based on his baseball talent.

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