Kyle Rittenhouse Out Drinking At Bars In Racine, Wisconsin – Wearing Free As Fuck Shirt |

Welcome to America where you can walk around after murdering people if you’re white. Not only walk around but also go into bars and drink. That’s the case for Kyle Rittenhouse the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter.

Rittenhouse has been recently seen in different bars in Racine, Wisconsin. It’s honestly disgusting. If this kid walked into a bar that I was working at – he’d be kicked out imminently, although the bar workers might have been scared for their life.

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Wisconsin law permits 18-year-olds to drink at bars if they are joined by their parents.

The police officers were reportedly notified by a concerned patron about Rittenhouse’s presence at the bar, but an investigation determined that he was not in violation of his bond agreement.

Rittenhouse, who has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide stemming from an altercation during a riot in Kenosha earlier this year, was released on a $2 million bond earlier this year.

Seems wild to me that he is allowed to be out drinking. Basically the only thing that he can’t do right now is be in possession of a gun.

Welcome to America.

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