Kyle Rittenhouse Flashes White Power Sign While Drinking At Bar In Wisconsin While Wearing ‘Free As Fuck’ T-Shirt

In a recent blog post – I reported about Kyle Rittenhouse the Kenosha shooter being out drinking in a bar with a shirt on that said “Free as fuck” but that’s not all. (Click here to read original story)

He was also flashing his favorite symbol. White power. Yup. Rittenhouse flashed up the white power sign while at the bar as he took a picture with someone inside.

Per TMZ:

Kyle Rittenhouse — the teenager charged with homicide in the Kenosha, WI killings — needs to stop drinking and flashing white power symbols … at least that’s what prosecutors want. The Kenosha County D.A.’s Office is asking a judge to modify Rittenhouse’s bond conditions to bar him from boozing, going anywhere alcohol is served, making white supremacist hand gestures in public, or hanging out with groups like the Proud Boys … according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

What a scumbag.

If this didn’t conclude what everyone already thought about him. How isn’t this kid locked up? He’s basically bragging about killing two black men. When will someone end up knocking this little shit out? Probably not too long. If he’s going to keep going in public, someone will end up confronting him. Especially if he’s going to be bragging about murdering people.

Rittenhouse has been nothing but trouble. He was also recorded punching a girl. Click here to read about that!

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