Kyle Pitts Is Not Human

Written by Will

The Florida tight end, Kyle Pitts, had his pro day today and the numbers he posted just proves that he isn’t human. He was built in a lab to play football.

Good lord, those numbers are insane. Pitts is one of the most coveted tight ends to ever come through the draft. He is basically a wide receiver in the body of a tight end. Last season, in eight games, Pitts caught 43 receptions for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns. Plus, 17.9 yards per catch. He was the only player in college football with zero drops with 65 plus targets. He finished tenth in Heisman voting, the highest for a tight end in 43 years.

It’s not like he was playing against scrubs. Pitts played in the SEC, the best conference in college football. He is a top ten pick, no doubt about it. If he is on the board at seven, the Lions should go for it. He or Ja’Marr Chase would be great picks for this team. Look, I know Lions fans are skeptical of taking a tight end that high. We have been burned many times on that. But Pitts is different. We haven’t seen a tight end like him. Pitts isn’t a typical tight end, Pitts is basically a wide receiver. Just watch his highlights, how could you not want this?

He is built different. A duo of him and T. J. Hockenson would be deadly. The Lions need pass catchers, Kyle Pitts would not be something to complain about if the Lions selected him at seven.

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