Kyle Kuzma Has Been Reading Your Tweets. No Slander From Here On Out

Written by schultzyca

Kyle Kuzma is different when he is in the starting lineup. It is like he is playing as if he does not want to come off the bench ever again. In the first quarter he scored 14 points only missing one shot.

Kuzma easily is the most interesting player on the Lakers roster, one day he plays like he is an All Star, and the next game he gets no minutes. It seems as though since he was drafted by the Lakers he is in trade rumors every year or is on the verge on being traded.

But when the Lakers and Kuz agreed to a three year extension you have to have the feeling he is going to be here for awhile. I will never get why he gets goofed on by fans or NBA Twitter all the time does not make sense to me. I think one thing is for sure he is certainly reading some of y’alls tweets and he is not taking slander anymore.

Kuz is an important part to this Lakers team and if I was a Laker fan I would hope he would be on this team for a long time. He is certainly an All Star in the making.

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