Kyle Hartzell Has Finally Settled is Debt with Nick Osello and the Owls Lacrosse Organization #PayUpKyle

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This has been maybe the craziest saga in lacrosse this season. No, it’s not Matt Gaudet chirping his was to social media stardom. No, it’s not Garrett Epple treating Gaudet’s head like a sparring dummy. It’s this strange bet that’s been circling around Kyle Hartzell since July. Here’s a quick background for those who don’t know the stories origins since you basically can’t find it anywhere (seriously it took me like 25 minutes to track this thread down).

There’s a lot of gray area here. Osello bets Hartzel a grand if he makes the Redwoods roster. He makes it and Hartzell doesn’t pay, despite never publicly taking the bet. Classic he said/she said. Osello has since pestered Hartzell for the money, even saying he will take payment in a form of donation towards the Owls Lacrosse Organization. Things have gotten ugly since, including some tweets from Hartzell yesterday.

Just a bad look all around. One guy saying one thing and another saying another. Thankfully, the dispute was completed today with Hartzell owning up and donating to the Owls.

If you haven’t heard of the Owls, they’re a great organization running out of Chicago for underprivileged youth finding structure and mentor ship through the sport of lacrosse. If you have any interest in donating to the organization, here is their GoFundMe page.

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