Kyle Brandt Just Called Russell Wilson “A Poser” On National Television and I Can’t Blame Him

Written by austenlange

I love this Kyle BRandt DID not hold back. He came all the way for Russell Wilson’s neck this morning on, “Good Morning Football” and god I love it.

Brandt didn’t give him much “football analysis”, but what he did do was question the character and personality of Russ. He even gives first hand experience of the NFL Awards and Russell and his wife seemed to act as if they were to good to be apart of the media.

His largest insult of course is calling Russell a POSER and I couldn’t ever agree more with a person. This season in particularly has been extra cringe for ole DANGERUSS. From his outlandish Subway commercials, copy and pasting of Tom Brady’s recap videos, calling himself “Mr. Unliiiiiiiimited”, and last but not least Broncos Country, lets ride…..

To me it seems as if he is more worried about his outward appearance and stature and just doesn’t care about football anymore.

I for one love that Kyle Brandt did this and I hope this type of coverage can continue on their daily show.

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