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Kolton Wong Sheds Tears In First AB Back At Busch Stadium

Written by austenlange

On today’s episode of “Try Not To Cry At Work”. Milwaukee Brewers 2nd Baseman Kolton Wong had himself a very emotional return to Busch Stadium. We can only imagine the whirlwind of emotions he was going through during this game. Up until this last year the man has only worn the Cardinals uniform. You have got to feel for him. I mean the Cardinals are one of baseball’s greatest franchises and getting to be a long term piece had to have been hard to leave. People will want me to mention how he ended up going 0-3 in the game, but I won’t do that. Can’t expect the guy to cry his soul out and then go 4-4 with 4 big flies just not something anyone would expect. Hopefully Kolton Wong can continue his career with the Brew Crew and who knows, maybe he’ll find his way back to St. Louis.

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