Kodak Black Releases Closeup Footage of Him Having Sex At The NHL Game Last Night (VIDEO)

Written by austenlange

HIS NAME IS KODAK……but you know that already. What you may not know is that rapper Kodak Black was at the Florida Panther’s game last night and that dude was HAVING HIMSELF A DAY!

Footage has been going all over the internet today and it insinuates that Kodak and a woman were in their private box F-U-C-K-I-N-G. Like I said it all “looks” like they were having sex, but no one can be too sure.

I mean it looks cut and dry here.

Kodak even released his own POV of the act to try and dispel that him and this woman were having sex in a public forum.

Well it looks as though we got, got. Hilarious troll move by Kodak here.

I have been a huge Kodak fan ever since he dropped his “First Day Out” song. I mean fuck, even my twitter name is stolen from him.

Hopefully his stardom keeps growing and he keeps releasing his hits. Live long and keep being hilarious Kodak. We all need it.

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