Bro I’m so glad I grew out of wanting to be a rapper, because the rap game tears people apart. This Jackboy-Kodak beef a big example of the money getting to yo head and you just acting out. This whole shit started about like a month or two ago with Kodak coming out of the clouds sneak dissing Jackboy and talking about he “needed his money” and that he got a mil from Jackboy. Idk where Kodak came from with all that but Jackboy wasn’t tryna be on that bullshit and just wanted to squash it with his brotha and Kodak wasn’t going.

Then Jackboy casually on live talking about how he’s the best rapper out of Hati, someone went on to comment what about Kodak and Jackboy didn’t say shit out of disrespect. All he said was Kodak wasn’t from Hati and that he’s probably the biggest out of Broward county and to absolutely no surprise Kodak got upset about that too. You can tell when someone on some petty bullshit because all Yak wanna talk about is Jackboys money or how Jackboy has started getting money. It’s sounding like Yak ass is jealous to me. That shit would be weird because Kodak is definitely bigger, and I say that from a standpoint of being a big Jackboy fan.

Is anyone believing Kodak? Like honestly he really thinks we gon believe that Jackboy got on Kodak’s account to diss YB, he sounds even dumber because he said “idk why he posted that shit” all while saying Jackboy told Kodak he was gonna post it and Yak said okay? Bro we aren’t fucking stupid he just making up some dumb ass shit, you wasn’t in the right mental space and you dissed Youngboy and now you wanna dickride YB and say fuck yo brudda because of that clout and that money. That shit gets to these rappers heads and they switch up on they people, shit sad to see too because they was like Boosie and Webbie and now they falling apart like that.

Jackboy has every right to be mad bout the shit too, he’s gonna start some beef in jail and have Jackboy take all the heat on the outside and now he got more shit to worry bout. But guess what Jackboy still stood tall and didn’t fold and was head first in KODAKS beef. Kodak is safe up in jail and Jackboy is out here and could get into some shit at any time over Kodak’s beef. This shit wack to see man, I never thought Kodak would fold on Jack like this shit lame asl bro.


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