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Kobe Bryant In His Grave Would Be A Better Point Guard Than Russell Westbrook Is For The Lakers

Written by Chris Powers

I know, Kobe was a shooting guard and Westbrook is a point guard. You’re missing the point though. Russell Westbrook is playing like garbage, and it likely is not going to get much better.

Russell Westbrook is having a rough start to 2022.

I mean literally a terrible start.

It all began last Tuesday with a 7-for-19 showing (36.8%), which was then followed up by 4-for-14 (28.6%), then 2-for-12 (16.7%) and finally, Wednesday’s 2-for-14 clunker (14.3%), which included an 0-for-5 mark on 3-pointers.

Westbrook was quoted saying the following recently:

“The word ‘slump’ isn’t something I lean on,” Westbrook said. “I stay locked into my craft, figure it out. I’m just in a position to try to figure out the best way to play at the moment. It’s as simple as that. I’ll figure it out, and that’s that. … Figure out ways to just make a f—ing shot. That’s it.”

Let’s just call it what it is. Westbrook at age 33 is past his prime playing in the NBA. The trade for him was not a good one, and Kobe Bryant would literally be rolling in his grave knowing that Westbrook is a team leader in Los Angeles.

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