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Knicks Fans Chant ‘F*ck Trae Young’ During Christmas Day Game Against Hawks (Video)

Guess a lot of New York Knicks fans were sour they gotten coal in their Christmas stockings this morning.

On the end of one of the NBA’s annual slate of Christmas Day games, Knicks had a few words to say towards Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young.

However, there was one noticeable problem: Young wasn’t out on the court today as he was out to COVID protocols.

Let’s say even on a day known for Christmas cheers, there was a lot of jeers as Young still lives rent free in the Knicks fans’ and team’s heads after their playoff loss last season.

Although they had some cheer as their team went on to win 101-87 over Atlanta at Madison Square Garden, we got a couple words to say to Knicks fans: stay classy, guys.

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