Knicks Fans Are The Best Fans In The NBA

The NBA is better when the Knicks are good, simple math. Also the Knicks play in the most legendary arena and have the best fans in the world.

In the season opener thrilling double overtime win against the Celtics last night it felt like a playoff game that is how loud it was. This is nothing knew though for New York the fans are the most loyal fans and they love this team man.

They are an absolute menace to the league, the Knicks last season made the playoffs for the first time in over seven years and us Knicks fans lost our minds don’t let the Knicks win a playoff series those nut jobs will burn the city down.

It was a mad house in and outside The Garden last night, there is no other arena and fans like Knicks fans. Tell me what other fan base is like this? None let me answer that for you. Never let the Knicks become good because fans are like this when the team is in the process for rebuilding correctly. They are also the most loyal fans in the league no other franchises fans are rocking with their team like this.

I love this team already and I love Knicks fans. #KNICKSTAPE

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