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Klay Thompson’s Wife Is The Hottest WAG In the NBA! @hannahstocking @klaythompson

Written by Chris Powers

If you are reading this article, odds are you are familiar with who Klay Thompson is. Thompson played college basketball at Washington State University. He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as the 11th overall draft picking in the 2011 NBA draft. The apple clearly does not fall far from the tree as Klay is a second generation NBA player; his father Mychal Thompson also played in the NBA.

Thompson has played for Golden State his entire career and has made hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his career in the NBA. To date, he is regarded as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. It’s safe to say he has already had a Hall of Fame career and has 3 NBA Championships under his belt. To say that Klay Thompson is winning on the court is an understatement.

However, it’s even easier to say that Thompson is winning off the court.

If you are not familiar with what a WAG is, I’ll be sure to define it for you below.

WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationship with a sportsperson. 


I would imagine at this point you can see where I am going with this. Klay Thompson is winning off the court, because his WAG, Hannah Stocking, may just be the hottest WAG in the NBA. Stocking is an internet personality, model and actress. She has 7.74 million subscribers on YouTube and 19.2 million followers on Instagram.

One thing is for certain, Stocking has no problem posting scantily clad social media posts of herself and for the benefit of all of her 20 million followers. If you have never seen her before, I highly recommend that you scroll down and take a look at what you have been missing out on.

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