Klay Thompson Voted to All-Star Team Despite Not Playing a Singular Game This Season

Written by Noah Gagnon

The first round of NBA all-star voting came in today, and Warriors guard Klay Thompson currently holds the fourth most votes amongst Western Conference guards with well over 360,000 votes. That would put Klay on the bench over guys like Devin Booker and Damian Lilliard, even though Thompson hasn’t played a single game this season.

A lot of people out there are upset that Klay’s receiving such preferential treatment, and to them I’d say, stop complaining. First off, does anybody really care about the all-star teams anyway? I mean, half the league wanted to skip the game last year anyway. Secondly, you cannot tell me that this game wouldn’t be more fun with Klay out there. Objectively, he rules. He’d be pulling up from like 100 feet, taking trick shots, maybe he’d catch fire and hit like 12 threes in a row. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

And if you’re the NBA and you have a problem with this, you really have no legs to stand on. They’re the ones who let the fans control 50% of the vote. What did they think was gonna happen? I’m honestly surprised Antonio Brown didn’t get at least 100,000 write-in votes.

The real question to me is: where are the millions of people who are actually casting NBA all-star ballots? It’s gotta be strictly middle schoolers and that OG guy on TikTok right? Because these are some pretty high numbers, especially after one week, and personally, I don’t know one person who’s filling out a bracket. Where are they coming from?

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