Kid Gets Destroyed In “Football” Drill (Video)

With more and more parents deciding to not let their kids play football you may need to change the way you “coach” the game.

If you haven’t seen the despicable video here it is.

This video had all sorts of people chiming in and the consensus was that there is no place for this whatsoever. Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz had this to say…

Then Brett Kollmann summed it up perfectly for parents throughout the country

There is no place for any drills like this at any level, let alone at this age. These coaches need to be gone immediately and this is what parents will turn to when deciding on if their kid should play. There’s already a drop in kids playing football due to CTE issues that have come to the forefront in recent years and now you have coaches putting players in positions like this. You could pick out a random person from the streets and they would be a better coach than these clowns who are responsible for this video.

Now I know that many people are going to come out and defend this atrocity due to some ridiculous “masculine” reason but they have no basis for that argument. Football coaches like these put players in more unwarranted danger for no reason at all. This has no benefit for the player or team at all and makes kids hate a wonderful game and makes parents pissed off and stops their kids from playing hurting the future of the sport.

Should this “drill” be allowed or was it unwarranted and the coaches need to be fired? Let us know!

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