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Kickoff Your Long Weekend with Saquon Barkley vs. the Redskins

Written by Enzothree

Just when you thought I was giving you another Daniel Jones blog. Sorry guys, believe it or not there’s more than one promising player on the New York Giants. Saquon was absolutely unstoppable on this day. Although he’s unstoppable on many days, rarely do the Giants find themselves winning those games.

Saquon finished the day with 279 total yards and 2 total touchdowns. He also broke away for a few big gain plays. This man is a beast, not that you guys needed a reminder.

The Giants invested their offseason heavily on beefing up the offensive line. While on the surface this is an easy analysis to say it’s to protect DJ, it’s also extremely important for Saquon as well. Barkley looks to turn up on a monstrous 3rd year in the league.

PICTURES: Saquon Barkley runs all over Redskins - The Morning Call

While we all anxiously wait for news regarding the NFL’s return, we need to stay healthy and remain hopeful not just because we want football to come back but to also protect each other and those that are in more danger than ourselves of contracting the virus.

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