Kickboxer Joe Schilling Just Laid Some Dude Out In A Bar

Written by Incognito

Bellator kickboxer Joe Schilling knocked a bar patron the fuck out. It all went down at a bar in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday. 

In the video, you see Schilling walk past another patron, a word from the patron, the patron stepping towards Schilling, and Schilling hitting him with a flurry of punches. Schilling knocked him out cold and the dude went limp like a sack of potatoes. 

Schilling describes the events as self defense and SB Nation reported Schilling’s buildup to the punches.

“The busboy who happens to be black walks by and this idiot bumps into him and screams out, ‘Me and broke n— [sic] we don’t get along. The busboy was seriously offended but doesn’t want to lose his job.

As the night goes on this clown starts looking at me and rapping whatever song is being played while making eye contact with me. I’m like what’s wrong with this idiot. He yells, ‘HEY’ I turn around and he flexes on me… bad decisions are made every day.

As you can see from this video when he flexed on me I was scared for my life and simply defending myself against the evil in this world.”

If the buildup to the events is true, two sayings come to mind – talk shit get hit. Orrrr if you can’t take the heat stay the fuck out the kitchen.

The dude that got knocked the eff out is pressing charges and Schilling is facing one misdemeanor charge of simple battery. 

The manager of the bar also spoke out in defense of Schilling and said the other patron is a regular problem starter. 

Schilling released messages from a woman claiming to be the patrons ex-girlfriend and suffering abuse at the hands of the man. Schilling referred to his knockout as the lords work.

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