Khamzat Chimaev vs Leon Edwards is off again… the new Khabib vs Tony

Written by Noah Gagnon

Why? Why do they even get our hopes up for this fight. It’s now been cancelled about 74 times, and just seems completely doomed. This time Chimaev is stating that the lasting effects from his bout with COVID as his reasons for pulling out.

Ok, I’ll never call a professional fighter a pussy, but this seems like a bit of a soft excuse, no? Basically every athlete in the world has gotten COVID, then gotten their ass on the field two weeks later. But Khamzat can’t get in there after two months? Shit, Billy Football knocked out Jose Conseco three weeks after COVID, and the professional fighter can’t?

Khamzat did famously say, “I’m gonna smash everybody.” Well, you’re off to a pretty shitty start on that.

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