After about 3, but what feels like 3,000, cancellations, the UFC has rebooked Khamzat Chimaev vs Leon Edwards. Khamzat has pulled out of this fight a few times already, so I’m really trying to keep my hopes down until he finally walks into the octagon. Then, and only then, will I exude excitement.

Shit, if this scrap gets cancelled again, at what point do we have to start talking about this amongst the all-time ‘never gonna happen’ fights? Like, we’re seriously starting to approach Khabib vs Tony territory here.

My message to both men: do not move a muscle until you literally have to go to the arena for the fight. Don’t even train for this fight. We’d all understand. Current odds for one of these two getting injured and pulling out is like -245, so just stay the hell home. Wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t get Covid, don’t get injured, and make it to the cage on March 13th.


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