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KFC (Kevin Clancy) Is A Complete Idiot (In matters of History, and Serbia)

Written by Jacob Nikolson

KFC, whoops sorry, here’s a picture of him when he’s not at the North Pole trying to overthrow Santa and the Elves:

Wait hold on, let me grab a more recent (post-cheating on his pregnant wife) photo (yeah low blow I know I know but it’s personal):


He’s got a lil pimple up above that brow but don’t worry, you can barely see it from here. Anyways, why am I up in arms and ready to get into a potential war with KFC and his stoolie simps? Someone whose podcast and content I admired and someone who inspired me to pursue blogging and podcasting? Well, this is where it all started: 


After Serbia gave the US some of that work in the 2019 FIBA World Cup last month (and thus giving the US their worst-ever finish in a major international tourney) KFC sends the aforementioned tweet out. Frankly, the joke fell flat, I mean his Honduras bit at them was much better and realistic (the joke which he modeled this one after according to the podcast episode) yet he didn’t realize that Serbs return the punch. You can even just simply read all the replies the tweet garnered to see some of the HEAT Serbians worldwide had (and some of the lesser, albeit missed-the-mark ones). 


Instead of simply swallowing his pride and apologizing, he made things WORSE in proceeding tweets snipped here:


KFC REALLY clinging onto that WW1 speaking point. Almost as if that’s the one thing he can come up with because he’s dug himself too deep a hole to crawl out of. First point to his quip about genocidal behavior: Listen pal, you clearly didn’t pay attention in history class since (in case you’re unaware) literally every possible group of people or nations has committed genocide in one form or another. You’re one to talk when the US did the American Indians worse than Serbia did to their enemies. Hitler to the Jews. Stalin to twenty million. China, etc. Of course, I’m not condoning it either. War, suffering, and all that is a disease upon humanity and shouldn’t have to happen in the first place. 


The other point that KFC likes to point out is that by Serbia assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand, we started WW1. First of all, pal, Austria-Hungary was the aggressor by handing Serbia their ultimatum and threatening invasion if they didn’t comply! Second the Black Hand, which Gavrilo Princip aka the assassin was apart of, was a fringe group run outside of government knowledge or oversight (though their ringmaster was a general of sorts if I’m not mistaken). That’d be like equating John Wilkes Booth in shooting Lincoln, to the US having shot Lincoln. The Black Hand was not representative of any official government action and therefore blaming Serbia as a WHOLE for WW1 in any sense just shows your lack of historical aptitude.


The next part of this is so stupid, I wince in pain. How could one person fail to google at all? This is referring to KFC calling Nikola Tesla (aka inventor of AC Electricity and pretty much responsible for the reason why have our modern day electricity and electronics) Croatian based SOLELY on the notion that since “SinCe He WaS BoRn in CroAtIa He MuST Be CroaTIon.” What a buffoon! Here’s a snip of the google search he did:

This should be a cardinal sin, honestly! The evidence is clear on where Tesla stands ethnically, and even nationality wise (yep, he’s not even a Croat in a national sense). However I will let some very smart Serbs tell you why, as my fingers need a quick break (via Quora):


If that doesn’t satisfy you KFC, then digest this as well:

THERE YOU HAVE IT! A simple Google search of Nikola Tesla would have solved this problem for you KFC:

I guess education truly doesn’t equate to intelligence as seeing you have an MBA in Finance and yet couldn’t perform a simple Google search, bro come on! Is it the height? I know Serbians are some of the tallest people in the world (source: and you seem to be on the smaller stature but we don’t care about that! Also, we’re probably the ones giving you your raspberries! You like raspberries? Well chances are, it’s us (source:    


Listen Kevin, although I admit in the writing of this I was pretty mad. Still am a tad bit. However, if I don’t forgive then I’m no better off. So Kevin Clancy, I forgive you for this slander of the country of my heritage and I hope you (eventually) come around and apologize or at least make peace with the Serbian people. You should meet and hang out with them sometime, we’re quite the hospitable people (often touted as THE most hospitable) and we give quite the merry time.



Guess this guy won’t be eating any raspberries anytime soon. Or any other delicacies Serbia has to offer:

and more


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