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Key season for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles!

Written by Tony Ghaul

This is a big season for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. The Eagles went all in on Hurts this season. They went out and acquired A.J. Brown to pair with DeVonta Smith and along with TE Dallas Goedert gives the QB serious weapons in the passing game. The offensive line is already one the best in the NFL.

The running game carried this offense last year, but winning in this league requires a good passing attack. Points are scored in the passing game. Jalen Hurts must make quick and decisive decisions.

His main weakness was decision making and delivering the ball late. He needs to improve on this for the Eagles to be a serious threat in the NFC. The skill group and offensive line gives him the tools to do this. It is time for Jalen Hurts to step up. Big season for him and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Image from: Sporting News

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