Kevin Samuels The YouTube Personality With Controversial Relationship Advice Has Passed Away

Written by austenlange

Kevin worked with Future earlier this year, asking the rapper dating questions for a trailer for Future’s single, “Worst Day.” In the clip, Kevin asks Future how much money he spends on women.

Kevin was 57.

Reports confirming his death came from his mother who reported it first to TMZ News. (wild)

According to a police report obtained by TMZ. EMS was called to Kevin’s home Thursday morning for a “person injured” and found Kevin unresponsive on the floor of his apartment.

The police report states they talked to a woman who said they met Kevin Wednesday night and spent the night with him at his place in Atlanta. The woman — who is a nurse — said Kevin started to complain of chest pains on Thursday morning, and she tried to help him. She told cops he fell on top of her, so she called 911 and requested a defibrillator from the front desk of the apartment complex.

RIP to Keving Samuels and may he rest in peace.

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