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Kevin James To Star As Sean Payton In Upcoming Movie

Yes you read that headline right, and yes it is HILARIOUS. Kevin James as we know is a man with a larger physique. I’m never one to fat shame due to the fact that I myself am a obese human built like a jar of spoiled Mayo, but Sean Payton might have just caught one of the biggest slaps to the face a person can get. Payton is a Super Bowl Winning Coach and is one of the most prolific coaches in all of sports and to Kevin James play you in a biopic about the year you get suspended from the NFL is hilarious. I’m sure James has been in movies where he plays a serious role but I will always see him as the fat comedic relief in his movies.

I have some questions about this choice of film for Kevin James.

  1. How did you think people would take this? I wouldn’t imagine well. I mean he for sure could’ve played a mean Rex Ryan but Sean Payton???? Forget about it.
  2. What studio exec sat down and thought to themselves “You know what our Bounty Gate movie needs? Paul Blart.”
  3. Lastly, what makes you think that Kevin James could give us clear insight to how Sean Payton felt during this time. James is a guy who has 2 good pitches. He throws hard with the fat jokes, and will throw a mild changeup by harming himself because he’s a larger man. Shit is wild and I can’t believe I have to watch this film and hope Mr. Kevin James proves me wrong.

I mean what credible actor has a reel on YouTube of them just falling. It’s hilarious and bad that this man is still around and that we have to continue to see him ruin great moments on the big screen.

I apologize for Hollywood Sean. They don’t know what they’re doing and you didn’t deserve this ricochet shot.

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