Kevin Durant is About to Shit on the Warriors

Written by Matt

Kevin Durant went on a liking spree on Twitter earlier. Expect big numbers from the Slim Reaper tonight.

The series of likes are stemming from an article discussing the break-up between Durant and the Warriors.

Ever since KD was caught up in #BurnerGate he has really leaned into becoming a heel toward fellow social media goers. I think he has grown more likable to some – just a dude liking tweets and replying to egg profile pics.

I am going to have to agree with @DragonFlyJonez here – because at the end of the day KD and Steph on the same team was not “good” for the NBA. But if you are a fan of the NBA go tune into the Warriors/Nets game right now because KD is about to light them up.

P.S. I said KD would light them up not the nets.

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