Kevin Durant Has Career Game As Nets Reclaim Series Lead

Written by Will

This game stings for the Bucks. Harden did play tonight but he wasn’t healthy at all, basically a decoy. No Kyrie but it didn’t matter thanks to Kevin Durant. The Bucks started hot, finished the first quarter up 29-15 and then led by 12 at half. The Bucks were even up by 17 at one point, but again this turned into the Kevin Durant show after that. Durant went OFF, having the game of his life. Durant finished with 49/17/10 on 16-23 shooting and played the entire 48 minutes.

So far, this was his career defining game. No Kyrie, Harden being a non-factor and everyone challenging him to carry team which is something he hasn’t had to do since his Thunder Days. And oh boy, did he answer. This was an all-time playoff masterpiece by Durant. Jeff Green helped chip in going for 27 on 7-8 from three but make no mistake, Durant carried this team.

Not only did Durant go off but the Bucks choked massively. Mistake after mistake, coach Bud had no idea what was happening. Not taking Jrue Holiday off Harden or not trying Giannis on Durant made no sense.

Giannis played a good game, finishing with 34/12/4 but he and the Bucks choked. Missing free throws, turnovers, and bad shots. Giannis had Harden in the post and took a fadeaway, that just can’t happen. Then Giannis fumbled the ball at the end with a chance to tie it. No one is scared of Giannis in the clutch because he can’t shoot, same stuff year after year. Done with taking the Bucks serious until they win in the playoffs.

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