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Kevin Durant Destroys Shannon Sharpe In Twitter Fight

Kevin Durant and Shannon Sharpe have been going in on one another over twitter today and it’s honestly hilarious.

Here is the clip that started all of this drama. Which then leads to KD calling Shannon Sharpe a “drunk uncle”. (pretty funny)

Shannon then tries to push an awful agenda and then KD promptly dunks all over him.

Sharpe then takes the losers way out of the fight he started with this response.

Is Shannon Sharpe softer than Charmin? If the last tweet didn’t convince you this last one will.


Shannon you are a grown man who gets on television each and everyday and you let a man who weighs 185 push you around like a RAGDOLL. Shannon you gotta at least invite him on the show for fucks sake. Quit bowing down behind the block button and face this shit you started like a man of honor and integrity. Never thought I’d see the day you make KD look mentally tough.

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