Kevin Durant Caught Cheating; NBA Scandal Exposed!

Written by Chris Powers

The worst thing about reporting on sports is having to expose a cheater. Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been numerous cheating scandals. The hardest part is having to report on it and expose the most famous players in the world for being cheaters.

Unfortunately the subject of today’s article is none other than NBA All-Star, Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant is on the most loved but equally hated players in the NBA. Durant has had a Hall of Fame career and is arguably one of the best few players in the organization today.

But in some people’s mind, Kevin Durant is a cheater. If you check out the YouTube video below, clearly some people think that Durant is not exactly the most ethical person in the world and can easily be labeled as a cheater. Tell us readers, check out the video below and let us know what you think.

In my own personal opinion, I do not see this necessarily as cheating. Is it possible that Durant took the easy way out and joined a team that would better his chances of winning an NBA championship? Absolutely! However, he did not necessarily break the rules. So quite frankly, no, Kevin Durant is not a cheater at all. He just maximized his opportunity to win an NBA championship.

To me, it’s no different than LeBron James joining the Miami Heat with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. It’s no different than Peyton Manning joining the Denver Broncos to attempt to win one last Super Bowl. It’s also no different than the plethora of players who joined the New England Patriots over the years with the hopes of riding Tom Brady’s coat tails to win a Super Bowl as well.

If you think Kevin Durant is a cheater, you could not be more incorrect.

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