Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving Could Potentially Be Joining The Lakers? The NBA Is A Total Shit Show

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The NBA free agent signing period kicked off with a major bang today when it was reported that Kevin Durant has officially requested a trade and no longer will play for the Brooklyn Nets. Then like clockwork, reports starting coming out that flat earth advocate and king of drama Kyrie Irving is trying to force his way out of Brooklyn as well. What a shocker.

The NBA is a complete shit show where players can sign massive long term contracts and just bitch and moan and demand trades when things don’t go according to their plans.

Kevin Durant has 4 years remaining on his contract with the Nets. BUT… contracts mean jack shit when it comes to the NBA. Absolutely nothing. Not winning or fighting with team mates or coaches? Demand a trade!

One would think it would be next to impossible for the Lakers to acquire both KD and Kyrie, but according to reports it actually could happen. Again, what a shocker. The Lakers would definitely have to trade away Anthony Davis and his handful of games a year of service in a deal and also find a way to get rid of Russell Westbrook and his horrible contract. But anything is possible in this league these days.

Richard Jefferson and the ESPN crew couldn’t stop from laughing their asses off at this idea as Brian Windhorst reported this potential shake up. Please let this happen, NBA fans would lose their fucking minds. A team of Lebron, KD, and Kyrie would be one of the most hated teams in sports history.

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