In the least shocking news ever, KD is sitting at home searching his name on Twitter again. This time he’s feuding (via his main account, not a burner) with his old teammate, Kendrick Perkins

You’ve e gotta love KD spending his time scrolling through Twitter like the rest of us as he sits this season out to rehab. Perk is in the media business and this is his job. Both guys come out looking like asses here because, as KD pointed out, Perk contributed nearly nothing in that historic 3-1 blown series to the Warriors. that being said, Perk plays the ultimate trump card regarding KD jumping ship to the same super team that sent him home.

It’s time to think about which Kevin Durant is more famous. Is it the freak of nature who can do whatever he damn well pleases on a basketball court, or the Levin Durant with such strong twitter fingers he needs multiple accounts to get out all his takes? Only time will tell.

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