Kevin Durant and Draymond Green’s Tell All Interview Is Unnecessary

Written by EricLyonsTV

Listen it doesn’t take a mad scientist to know that the Golden State Warriors really didn’t rock with Kevin Durant like that. I didn’t look at that group of guys like friends or bros just teammates. That was a business partnership formed out of pure desperation to win. They didn’t recruit KD to Golden State because they thought he was a cool guy they brought him there because they knew without him they were never beating LeBron in the Finals again. The team as a whole didn’t love KD and clearly there was little respect. Remember what happened at the parade?

Warriors GM makes jokes about KD.

This is like when Drake found out that everyone he thought loved him secretly hated him. Like wake up buddy they’re only using you for your greatness. KD realized that too late. Then you have the infamous argument between him and Draymond that will be discussed in this sit down. As a man you don’t call another man the b word I don’t care how intense things are. I just don’t think these are the two players we needed to see do the Shaq and Kobe sit down.

I would like to see LeBron/Kyrie, KD/Westbrook, or give me Jimmy Butler/TJ Warren. I’m kidding about that last one nobody cares what Warren has to say about his dad Jimmy. But in all seriousness I feel like this story didn’t need to be told because it was pretty clear these two didn’t really like each other off the court no matter what they want us to believe.

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