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Kesha Hamilton, a Jackson, Michigan School Board Member Who Works as an Racial Equity Consultant, Has History of Racist Tweets

It’s been a while since PSE has done a ‘Your Racism/Hypocrisy is Showing’ segment blog, but today, we got a good one to tell here.

Via a photo tweet by Libs of TikTok on Twitter, Kesha Hamilton, a Jackson, Michigan school board member is currently under fire for posting racist tweets towards white people or what she calls ‘whiteness.’

Here’s a collage of the tweet from Hamilton:

According to her profile, Hamilton is supposedly employed as a ‘racial equity consultant’ and a ‘DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) specialist’ for school programs there.

And shortly after the tweet was out, users flocked in full force calling out Hamilton and her profile for her racism.

Got a very good feeling that Hamilton is going to get fired from these, or the school will make her write out an apology letter and address the Twitter and Jackson school staff for that behavior.

We’ll see what happens.

**Original photo courtesy: Libs of TikTok/Twitter**

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