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Kentucky High School Under Fire for Holding Homecoming Assembly That Featured Male Students in Bikinis Giving Lap Dances And Girls Dressed As Hooters Waitresses

Written by Nate

A high school in Hazard, Kentucky is facing scrutiny after a couple Facebook users shared posts about their school holding a Homecoming assembly that was themed for all the wrong reasons.

In the post below, user Kynsi Skye said that the male students (who she scratched out for privacy reasons) were dressed up in bikinis and lingerie, and also gave the principal and a couple other staff members lap dances in the process.

However it wasn’t just the male students that were part of this controversy, another Facebook user, J.R. VanHoose, pointed that there was also teenage female students dressed up as ‘Hooters’ waitresses as well.

And now since the assembly has happened, Hazard High School is now under investigation for the assembly.

What’s even worse is that the principal of the school, Donald Mobelini, is also the mayor of the city of Hazard too.

This is a very sticky situation, and Mobelini has a lot of explaining to do. This isn’t the first time that he has been in the spotlight. Years ago an image surfaced of him driving around students who were drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. And besides that he is currently in a lawsuit for ‘not chaperoning’ during a school trip and a sexual/physical assault on a girl happened.

It won’t be surprising if he either gets fired from both positions, or at least resign. What is your thoughts about this? Should he be fired? Or are people overreacting?

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