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Kenny Omega To Have A Match In Impact Wrestling – Who Is His Opponent?

Written by jwatry

The wrestling world has been buzzing about All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling forming a partnership. A lot of exact details are still unknown, but one thing is clear: Kenny Omega will be the center of attention here. The current AEW World Champion is being managed by his long-time friend Don Callis…however, he is an executive in Impact. You see? Blurring the lines to say the least. For a non-wrestling comparison, imagine a producer of The Jay Leno Show also helping out a writer for the David Letterman Show. Competed networks and competing programs working together?!?! Strange.

Thus far, there has not been much. Impact is already pre-taped through the end of the year, and AEW is live one week but taped the next, so it’s a little difficult to do much right now. Impact had an Omega promo inserted into the show last week, and lot of the hype has actually just been video packages and little promos that were clearly recorded out of order. Nothing live or memorable…yet.

That may be changing soon though.

Not only has Impact announced that Kenny Omega and Don Callis will be returning to their AXS TV show for the second week in a row (likely another pre-taped segment), but the bigger news is that The Wrestling Observer is reporting that a future match will be set up. Omega will be going into the squared circle for Impact, the company formerly known as TNA. Reminder Omega is the current AEW World Champion, who is on top of the Wednesday night TNT program – Dynamite! Is any of this making sense? Either way, this is finally something to get excited about. Omega and Callis talking and giving pre-taped promos sitting on a bus aren’t exciting. A lot of ‘nothing’ if you ask me.

Kenny Omega starting to mix it up with other Impact wrestlers on the roster as the AEW World Champion – that is worth something. The most obvious first matchup is against current Impact Champion Rich Swann. He has already tried to confront Omega but wasn’t allowed to disrupt his bus parking spot. Champ vs. champ is a headline, even if one is not even close to being on the level of the other. That is the beauty of some crossovers – one side gets elevated; the other is there to help.

Personally, I stopped watching AEW Dynamite and will happily stick to Youtube clips and reading the recaps…and Impact has not got my viewing in years. Like the rest of the world, I don’t have AXS TV and refuse to watch their show on Twitch. Not happening so while this crossover doesn’t do much for me, I am not blind enough to know that some wrestling fans DO care. This will get some buzz going on both ends, and it creates a very intriguing question of what is next or even how this all concludes. Good, bad, or ugly.

What do YOU think? Which match would you like to see featuring AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in Impact Wrestling?

By Justin Watry

Twitter: @JustinWatry

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