Kenny Golladay Met With The Bears Last Night, Will Be Meeting With The Giants Tonight

Written by Will

Kenny Golladay spent last night meeting with the Bears. A team that hasn’t been rumored at all for Golladay. We have heard rumors and reports about the Giants, but the Bears? None at all. I have no clue why Golladay would want to go to Chicago and play in that mess. The team that’s going with Andy Dalton to be the quarterback. Golladay is a pro bowl caliber player, a guy with two 1,000 yard seasons. Please don’t let Andy Dalton be your quarterback. Golladay is the best free agent receiver right now, and I just can’t imagine why it would make sense for him to go to the Bears.

Not like the Giants are a contender or anything but they have weapons to go around Golladay. Plus, Giants don’t have to play Aaron Rodgers twice a year. Golladay on the Giants would make them a playoff team. Or at least a contender for the playoffs. I know, I’m a Lions fans and I am biased against the Bears. Yes, it would suck to watch him on the Bears, but if you’re going to the Bears, you may as well stay in Detroit. Those teams are basically on the same level. Please Golladay, for yourself, avoid the Bears.

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