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Kendra Lust Wants to Do an Episode with Joe Rogan?!

Written by Nate

Even though he is in the middle of controversy regarding some episodes of his on Spotify, Joe Rogan might consider wanting to have an interesting guest come on to the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ soon.

On Twitter, adult star Kendra Lust tweeted out that she would like to be a guest on his podcast very soon.

With the show being known for his wide array of guests on there, Kendra has mentioned that Joe likely didn’t have any type of adult star on throughout his career, but one user replied to her that maybe one OnlyFans star, in Dana DeArmond, has been featured once before, along with a male star.

Though she does have experience in the podcasting business with her own podcast with UFC star Julian Marquez, Kendra would make an ideal guest for Joe’s podcast herself.

Topics that can be discussed with him would be about her adult film career, life and content on OnlyFans/movies, and the Beauty & the Beast she cohosts.

So, what are you waiting for Joe? Bring her on! An episode with Miss Lust would be an interesting listen for all adults.

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