Kendra Lust Launches Podcast With MMA Fighter

Written by Shannon Walsh

Michigan’s own Kendra Lust has a new podcast called “Beauty & The Beast” co-hosted by UFC Fighter Julian Marquez. It is available on YouTube and Spotify. They have done three episodes so far covering MMA, adult entertainment news, and other topics.

Lust is a huge fan of MMA, pro wrestling, and boxing. The adult entertainment star is currently in the running to become the next “Ms. Health & Fitness” and she is asking her fans to vote for her. She said she will donate the prize money to St. Jude’s and other charities if she wins. The voting deadline is 7/30/20. She is currently in second place in her group.

When WWE’s Bill Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler got into a heated public argument back in September in Las Vegas, it happened at Lust’s birthday party at Andiamo Steakhouse. Ziggler and WWE’s Dana Brooke were invited guests of Lust’s. Goldberg was there with other friends. The two were separated so the situation didn’t get physical. It left fans wondering if the incident was legit or if they were trying to run their own pro wrestling angle similar to the famous brawl between Dick The Bruiser and former Detroit Lion Alex Karras at Lindell AC in Detroit back in the 1960’s.

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Inspired by the late Michigan insider hotline host “Coach” Kurt Schneider and his “just the facts” style of reporting pro wrestling news and results from around the world.