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Kendall Jenner Takes Devin Booker Back After His HORRENDOUS Performance Against The Dallas Mavericks In The NBA Playoffs #SunsRDone

Written by austenlange

Everyone on twitter has been talking about Devin Booker this weekend. From Stephen A. SMith all the way down to the low life’s of the internet like myself.

Well, now it seems as though the young guards luck may actually be turning around.

Booker and his long-time on again/off again girlfriend Kendall Jenner have been spotted together on the streets and the internet is having a mother fucking field day.

Hopefully D Book gets what he wants and continues to choke when it counts.

The Mavericks essentially made him into a baby back bitch and all he could do was tuck his tail between his legs and go to get some sympathy pussy. Absolutely wild in my honest opinion that she would still want to be with him. I guess she does know their summers will be pretty much wide open to vacation wherever they’d like.

MFFL, fuck Steph Curry.

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