Kendal Vertes is 18 Today! You’re Welcome America.

Written by JohnnyB

Listen the legal age on consent is 18 in America, in a lot of other countries and cultures its much younger. With the expanding social media platforms and parents not really giving a fuck, it starts sexualizing men and women younger and younger. I have never or will ever go anywhere near a minor, but people have eyes so I can’t block that shit out. Now I have not been waiting 2 years to write this blog on this day at all, that would be creepy. No guy ever sees and underage girl and has filthy thoughts, never ever. That only happens when they turn to that magic 18 number.

I mean I will probably catch shit from everyone, even people at this company, saying “you’re disgusting, what a creep, whats wrong with you?” Well you know what Kendal is a fucking rocket. I mean an absolute ten out of ten rocket. Only Sloan from Entourage even comes close to this newly legal bombshell. If you have never heard of her you’re welcome. I saved this blog until her 18th birthday because of all the PC police. Well you know what, the law says she’s good to go, and I’m betting she will be on an older athletes arm in a month, her inbox will be flooded with old dudes right now 9 hours into her 18th birthday. I’m just keeping it real, Kendal is a smoke and she’s about to blow the internet up.

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