A high school football coach in Portland, Oregon, was reportedly fired from his position because of his full-time job as police officer.

The Oregonian and OregonLive reports that Ken Duilio, was ‘100 percent’ relieved from his duties as coach at Cleveland High School, because he works as a sergeant for the Portland Police Bureau.

Just prior to the firing, Duilio strongly believed that a group of parents or boosters were pressuring the Portland Public Schools and their athletic director, Marshall Haskins, to fire him.

Haskins denies that the firing had to do with Duilio’s position.

“We don’t make decisions based on pressure from parents or outside people,” Haskins said.

It was also mentioned that there were fliers (with a picture of Duilio) going around that he was involved in past incidents that took place as far back as 2001. He calls the fliers ‘distorted’ and said that ‘there’s more to them.’

Those incidents include the former coach and 23-year police force veteran being assaulted along with two off-duty officers by gang members outside a Portland restaurant. Two officers were injured, but Duilio was unharmed.

Another incident involving Duilio occurred in the same year. The case was about when he shot a man who had a gun on him at a gas station. Duilio mistook the criminal for a different man and shot and wounded him.

A grand jury found Duilio of no criminal wrongdoing, but police chief Mark Kroeker called the shooting ‘regretful’ at the time.

As a reaction, Daryl Turner, president of Portland Police Association called the dismissal ‘discriminatory.’

“He’s built relationships and partnerships with people and youth in the community. He lives in Portland, raises his family in Portland and has helped direct dozens of kids who may otherwise be going a different direction were they not playing football,‘’ Turner said. “It is a shame and unfair that they fired him based on the fact that he’s a Portland police officer. It is discriminatory and contrary to what they should be teaching kids in school.”

Before he coached at Cleveland, Duilio coached at Madison School from 2006-09, and at Wilson High School from 2011-16. All schools mentioned are in the Portland vicinity.

Duilio is currently open for any coaching position at this time, but is concerned for himself after his recent firing.

“I’m at a loss for words, frankly,” Duilio said. “I love working with kids. Potentially, someday I’ll be back. I was committed to the PIL and PPS and city of Portland. It ties into what I do.”