Kat Dennings Engaged: Sorry Guys, She Is Officially Off The Market @OfficialKat

First off, let me issue my sincerest congratulations to Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K.

I mean that. I really do. Nothing is sweeter than love and well…you see…ummm…


…ah, screw it!

We all love Kat Dennings. We all did and still do! Heck, do you remember Topanga from Boy Meets World? Goodness gracious, talk about a crush growing up. I think every single straight male wanted to be Cory. That dude had some great one liners but more importantly, he was with freakin’ Topanga! Unreal. That lucky S.O.B.

Also, what about Carrie from King Of Queens? She was my crush during my later years. Everything from Topanga and Kat Dennings combined was her. The one and only Leah Remini was *chefs kiss* during that television show. Forget Two Broke Girls; I would be a broke dude if it meant supporting her upscale lifestyle, all the while having her father live in the basement, working as a delivery driver. Good luck with that one Doug.
Back to Kat Dennings though, I hope she does party hard because a lot of guys are disappointed today. Even if they try to extend their best wishes and all that garbage. I would settle for a wedding invitation. Who doesn’t love weddings? Drinking, food, dancing…and watching one of your long-time crushes pledge their life to another man for the rest of their lives. How romantic.

All kidding aside, Kat was amazing with Thor and her recent (SPOILER!!!) cameo in an unnamed Disney+ series was memorable as well. Congrats to the happy couple.

Now about that wedding invitation…

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