Kemba Walker has not gotten off to the best start as a New York Knick, only averaging 9 points per game in his last 7 and shooting less than 40% from the field. The Knicks have another guard who is better at this point in his career and younger. Alec Burks provided more on both sides of the ball. Tom Thibodeau needed to make a decision on his point guard decision and it looks like he has.

As a Celtics fan myself, I can understand why the Knicks are making this move. Burks is a younger guard who can make plays on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor. Kemba can’t do that anymore and he can barely have a good shooting night at this point in his career. He is more of a guard off the bench that can give you a good 15 minutes when you need scoring.

It’s hard to not like Kemba, such a good guy but this is a business and him being on the floor is not helping the Knicks win games right now. Probably a hard move for Tim to make.



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