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Kelly Stafford Apologizes for Throwing Pretzel at 49ers Fan During Husband Matthew’s MNF Game | #RamsHouse #NFL

Written by Nate

Los Angeles Rams fans have not taken their recent Monday Night Football loss to rival San Francisco 49ers really well, but for Kelly Stafford (husband of current Rams QB Matthew), it was pretty petty and embarrassing.

Via multiple posts on Twitter, the Mrs. Stafford took it to Instagram to apologize for throwing a soft pretzel at a fan during an argument at the game—calling it a ‘weak moment’ for her.

She went on to call herself ‘an idiot’ for doing it besides a few fans that were being ‘aggressive towards her and her crew.’

And since she made the apology, Kelly has now limited the comments for the rest of her Instagram posts due to the backlash from it.

Let’s say that the Staffords has not had a great couple weeks, but what happened both on the field and in the stands, it is not a great for Kelly and Matthew. Also, Kelly is known for having a history of letting emotions and grievances get to her, so this is not surprising to see for both Lions and other football fans.

Detroit Lions fans do miss the Stafford family after they left the team and city in good graces, but hopefully Matthew’s play in LA and Kelly’s behavior can improve more than they have.

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